Welcome to The Workplace Network

The Workplace Network is an exclusive, global community of senior executives in public-sector real estate. Our members are leaders and decision makers from public-sector real estate organizations worldwide: from corporations, institutions and government agencies spanning 17 different countries.

Together, we develop partnerships and exchange ideas, strategies and solutions on everything from public policy and strategic recruitment to sustainability and innovative workplaces. By putting our international knowledge and expertise together, we create innovative solutions and opportunities in public-sector real estate for all our members.

We get together once a year to discuss current issues and future trends in the market and to share ideas, strategies and solutions with each other. This unique, global community of international expertise provides an opportunity for networking and professional growth; as well as the annual conference we publish a member survey, host a learning and development network (W4) and support international exchange.

TWN Guidance Committee

Soraya Perez Munguia


Piia Kallas


Luis del Moral Gonzales


Bridget Workman (Hardy)



Morten Dybesland

Committee Member

Kevin Radford

Committee Member

Yvonne van der Brugge

Committee Member

HanJoon Jeon

Committee Member

TWN Constitution

Full Name: The Workplace Network (TWN)

Description of the Organisation:

The TWN is a membership organisation intended to promote peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and networking between member organisations. Its activities include an annual conference hosted by one of the member organisations, a regular survey of member organisations, newsletters, website and supporting a learning and development network for emerging leaders – the Worldwide Workplace Web (W4). Member subscriptions and conference attendance fees fund the Network.


Membership is open to public sector real estate organisations. These are the state owned or controlled departments, agencies or companies that own and/or manage and/or advise and/or set policy and strategy for the property estate ‘workplaces’ occupied and used by central or provincial Governments. The TWN Guidance Committee must approve membership applications. Member organisations are represented by a senior official in the organisation who, for ease of reference, is usually referred to as ‘The Member’ however, membership is not personal to that individual.


The TWN is governed by an elected Guidance Committee comprising President, Treasurer, Secretary and Members Representatives. The total number is usually six. Elections are held at the annual conference. Official positions on the Guidance Committee are held for up to two years before standing for re-election. There is no restriction on the number of times that a member can be re-elected


The TWN is funded by membership subscriptions and conference attendance fees. Members joining mid-year are charged less pro-rata. The membership subscription pays for the costs associated with hosting the annual conference such as catering, venues, speaker fees and expenses, transport for delegates between venues, conference materials etc. The subscription covers the costs of one person attending the annual conference. Other attendees from members’ organisations pay a conference attendance fee. The subscription also covers the fees of a coordinator who supports the Network members and officials by coordinating communications and information about the Network and administration of the TWN bank account, technical maintenance of the TWN and W4 websites, domain names and admin costs such as bank account charges and database hosting costs.