The W4 Community

The WorldWide Workplace Web (W4) is an international forum of public sector real property professionals. It provides a unique learning environment for the next generation of executives in public sector organizations by facilitating collaboration, sharing best practices and discussing issues of common concern.

In addition to offering great networking opportunities, the W4 annual workshops introduce participants to speakers from around the globe, many of them leaders in the diverse fields of real property. Between workshops participants can use the network to seek help in resolving problems, share research initiatives and find partners for collaborative ventures.

Sponsoring organisations gain through development of their future executives and access to a wealth of new ideas.

Members are encouraged to reflect on the value they derive personally and for their organisations from being part of this worldwide network of public sector real estate professionals

The W4 Annual Workshop 2017 took place in Tallinn, Estonia from June 18th to 21st and was hosted by Estonian State Real Estate Ltd (Riigi Kinnisvara AS). Delegates enjoyed three full days filled with presentations, discussions and hands-on workshops deepening their understanding of the future of public-sector real estate and its changing role and services.

This year’s topic was Service Design in Public Sector.

Why service design? Service design isn’t just the development of e-services or fancy approaches to customer service enterprises. Service design helps in understanding and finding solutions to daily issues relating to organisational structure, processes, client satisfaction, cost management etc. Service design aims to ensure clear and transparent functioning. It’s an integral toolbox for all the organisations to overcome management challenges.

Delegates can download the presentations and other workshop materials here