2016 Annual Conference: Oslo, Norway

2016 is an important year, Statsbygg celebrates 200 years. And the two Annual Meetings 2016 of TWN and PuRE-Net were hosted in Norway by Statsbygg in cooperation with Forsvarsbygg.

Statsbygg is a public sector administration company responsible to the Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation (KMD). Statsbygg is the Norwegian government's key advisor in construction and property affairs, building commissioner, property manager and property developer.

The Norwegian Defence Estates Agency (NDEA) is an administrative agency subordinate to the Ministry of Defence. The agency`s primary tasks relate to the planning, construction, administration, leasing and disposal by sale of defence estates and properties.

The program consisted of the ordinary annual business of both Networks, together with three main topics:

  • Efficient use of space and new ways of working
  • BIM and signing of statement
  • Security

Conference Programme

2016 Annual Conference Presentation