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The annual workshop of the Worldwide Workplace Web will be hosted in Mexico by Indaabin. The topic is: Sharing global practices pursuing local solutions – Contemporary challenges in asset management: The proficiency paradigm.

TWN Annual Conference: September 25th to 29th in Oslo, Norway

A joint conference with the European network PuRE-Net hosted by Statsbygg and Forsvarsbygg. The topics are:
Efficient use of office space and new ways of working
BIM and signing of statement of intent to use BIM

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Welcome to new member Matt Mehan; Manager of Strategy & Research in the New Zealand Government Property Management Centre of Expertise

Originating in 2011, the Government Property Management Centre of Expertise (PMCoE) has a mandate of establishing a centralised portfolio data platform, issuing property management guidelines and supporting agencies to act as a community and share knowledge, developing portfolio strategy and policy, and undertake a centralised procurement function. PMCoE also undertakes cross-agency accommodation projects in agreement with agencies.

The portfolio consists of 1.5 million square metres (around 16 million square feet) of real estate, with an annual leasehold value of around NZD$300 million. The vision for the portfolio is “A government property portfolio that is responsive, affordable, sustainable and safe, leveraging property as a tool to support organisational culture and assist in the delivery of services”.

Matt Meehan is Manager of Strategy & Research with a team of four tasked with developing portfolio strategy, policy and standards and guidelines. The team also leads benefits mapping and realisation and the relationship with the Minister of State Services, as well as undertaking or commissioning relevant research and providing design and change management services to agencies.

TWN Annual Survey 2016

The 2016 Survey will be launched on 1st May and will report to the TWN Annual Conference.

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Welcome to The Workplace Network

The Workplace Network is an exclusive, global community of senior executives in public-sector real estate. Our members are leaders and decision makers from public-sector real estate organizations worldwide: from corporations, institutions and government agencies spanning 15 different countries.

Together, we develop partnerships and exchange ideas, strategies and solutions on everything from public policy and strategic recruitment to sustainability and innovative officing. By putting our international knowledge and expertise together, we create innovative solutions and opportunities in public-sector real estate for all our members.