W4 News – Winter 2013

Thank you everyone who attended the 2013 W4 meeting in London, it was a tremendous pleasure for us in Cabinet Office Government Property Unit to welcome you to this great city and I was personally delighted to be a part of the team.

Many of you have been asking about the presentation slidesets and videos. I have begun uploading these to the W4 website and within a few days they should be available. Anyone who didn’t leave their presentation with me and would like to share please send a copy now.

You can access the 2013 presentations, information about meetings, contact details for members and discussion forums by signing up as a member of W4 through the website. Use the link below to open the website and follow the instructions to register.

If you have any difficulties or queries please contact me at bridget.hardy@integransconsulting.co.uk or on w4info@gsa.gov

Link to the W4 website

TWN W4 Group Photo

View and download the TWN W4 Group Photograph from Flickr

Link to the TWN W4 Group Photo

W4 Groups and Forums on Linked In and W4net.org

Many of us use Linked In to connect with professional colleagues and friends. There is a W4 group on Linked In:

W4 Alumni

This is a closed group set up so that past and present members of W4 can discuss questions and issues of mutual interest.

Interested in connecting with other members specifically on Workplace Transformation? There’s a group for you too:

W4 members virtual workplace learning partnership

If you’re a Linked In user please join and take part in these groups or set up new ones – but remember to be aware of and respect your own organisation’s policies on the use of social media for business. You may prefer to use the members only discussion forums available within the W4net.org website itself.

Members link to W4 Learning Partnership Forums

Welcome to The Workplace Network

The Workplace Network is an exclusive, global community of senior executives in public-sector real estate. Our members are leaders and decision makers from public-sector real estate organizations worldwide: from corporations, institutions and government agencies spanning 15 different countries.

Together, we develop partnerships and exchange ideas, strategies and solutions on everything from public policy and strategic recruitment to sustainability and innovative officing. By putting our international knowledge and expertise together, we create innovative solutions and opportunities in public-sector real estate for all our members.