Organizations interested in becoming members of TWN can apply for membership. Existing members can also recommend prospective members to the TWN Guidance Committee.

Photo by PSPC-SPAC

Membership of TWN gives nominated staff in the member organization access to:

A network of counterparts around the world

An exclusive annual conference open to members only

The opportunity to participate in knowledge exchange groups and the annual member survey

Free registration to the annual conference for the senior official

Exclusive member access to documents and information through the TWN website

Access to the WorldWide WorkplaceWeb (W4) learning and development network to support rising stars in member organizations

Membership Costs

The annual conference is one of the key benefits of TWN membership. This exclusive gathering of global leaders in the public-sector real estate allows members to improve their strategic decision-making by developing a pool of international resources and information that they can draw upon throughout the year.

Membership fees under review