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TWN is governed by an elected Guidance Committee comprising President, Treasurer, Secretary and Members Representatives.

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TWN Governance Committee

STÉPHAN DÉRY  I  TWN President Assistant Deputy Minister Real Property Services Public Services and Procurement Canada Canada

Message from the President

In Fall 2019, the Workplace Network (TWN) held its annual conference in Seoul, South Korea. Following the conference, I happily agreed to take on the role of President of TWN. In March 2020, I reached out to some of you for your interest in continuing or joining our global public sector real estate community and Network. Then, most of our respective communities were dealing with the outbreak of COVID-19. We are reminded every day of how our lives can change in an instant and I sincerely hope that you are on a progressive road to recovery.

As we manage in our “new normal” and as the Assistant Deputy Minister leading the Real Property Services program for Public Services and Procurement Canada, I am reminded of the great benefits and value of this Network. As we move beyond 2020, I see opportunities to grow and revitalize TWN.

The Network provides important connections between senior executives from around the world with business based approaches to their public sector asset management. It also provides an accessible forum that allows us to share information, strategies, successes, best practices and lessons learned for the mutual benefit of our community. We will remain committed to the Network but it is important that we all work together in an environment of mutual support.

The real estate industry is changing rapidly and the pandemic of COVID-19 has also forced us into a new business and real estate portfolio reality. Now more than ever, The Workplace Network can help us all to thrive in this new era.

Looking ahead, I hope to welcome new TWN. By investing in new memberships, we will all benefit from an expanded network where we can share and collaborate.

Thank you for your continued support!


TWN Treasurer


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TWN Co-ordinator